1. Celeste and orange, coral and blue Klein … do you think are impossible combinations? Victoria Beckham gives you all the keys to the most energetic and breakthrough outfits of the season, take note! Whenever we talk about chameleon people we tend to think of celebrities as Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, women of hyper-risky aesthetic transformations that nobody leaves indifferent.

However there are other examples that, with much more content and Millimeters changes, are also able to give a 180º turn to its image and make us completely forget who they were in their day. That is the case, for example, of Victoria Beckham . It seems that nothing remains of the one that was the Posh, with very unique but a great dose of style; And now also behind the successful businesswoman who bet on a minimalist and preppy style supported in neutral colors such as white, black and gray. Renew or die! Victoria Beckham re-emerges as the perfect gentlewoman, the standard bearer of elegance and sophistication … in full color! From the hand of her own collection, the British leaves us with four combos worthy of testing this spring, would you take a risk with these combinations?

2. Victoria Beckham in 4 perfect ‘colorful combinations’

The formula: Blue + Orange.

The ‘looks’: Keeping the premise “less is more,” Victoria is devoted to minimalism by the hand of an acidic and energetic color combination. In this case, through a dress and trousers in tangerine color, combined with a shirt rolled up as with shoes with granny influences of a living celeste, all belonging to her collection.

3. The formula: Blue + Orange.

H & M long sleeve fabric with straight cut, neck and buttons hidden in the front, button on the cuffs, rounded bottom and slightly longer back.

4. The formula: Blue + Orange.

Orange fluid pant with wide leg, high waist, center seam detail and openings on both sides of the legs to generate more volume, by Boutique.

5. The formula: Blue + Orange.

Midi dress with bardot neckline cut shirt with front button, cropped top effect of ribbed dot overlaid orange and under asymmetrical, by DKNY.

6. The formula: Blue + Orange.

Salons Rome model cut inspired by the classic stiletto, finished in blue suede, thin heel of nine centimeters and interior in camel leather, by Krack

7. Victoria Beckham in 4 perfect ‘colorful combinations’

The formula: Camel + Red.

The look: Camel, caramel, cognac … no matter what exact gradation we welcome, what is really crucial is that we risk the combination and leave the classic duos that are in our comfort zone – as it is, by Example, mixing in the same outfit of camel and white, the duo effortless par excellence. Why not energize our stylism more and add a brushstroke of red? Victoria Beckham points to this option, much more spring and breaker, by the hand of a dress tightly knit with a length that generously surpasses the knees and almost reaches the ankles, on a red shirt with white buttons. She completed her outfit with Pin Pumps in white, some shoes midway between the booty and the granny shoe with a neckline pronounced.

8. The formula: Camel + Red.

Red cropped shirt with casual style, front button, short sleeve and asymmetrical low, bent sleeve and short neck, by Topshop

9. The formula: Camel + Red.

Dress in cognac color with lenght below the knee, tubed silhouette, round neck and long sleeves with contrast stitch, by Anna Field.

10. Victoria Beckham in 4 perfect ‘colorful combinations’

The formula: Red + Light blue.

The ‘looks’: Why are there miscellaneous that we find impossible and with which we simply do not dare? Perhaps the key is precisely what we said before, the comfort zone and everything that comes out of it, effective and incredibly brilliant. However, there are purely energy mixtures which are actually possible and which, carried out with taste and carrying them with confidence and security, result in hypnotic outfits. That is the case of this new chromatic equation, the one that connects the red color with the celeste, either in the form of trousers of tweezers and jerseys, like dresses in midi key and shirts well buttoned. It’s all a matter of value-speaking-speaking-so … get on, mix, and conquer!

11. The formula: Red + Light blue.

Sandal made in leather with suede finish, with bridge and toe in the same material. It stands out for its metal part in the front of the heel. Ankle strap with gold buckle detail bracelet by Massimo Dutti.

12. The formula: Red + Light blue.

Extra-long blue shirt with slightly shorter asymmetrical underside on the front, front button and long sleeves, by Stradivarius.

13. The formula: Red + Light blue.

TRUNK dress in color with lenght below knee, neckline and long sleeve, made of elastic fabric, by TRF.

14. The formula: Red + Light blue.

Hugo Boss’ lightweight chino cloth pant with low waist, concealed button fastening, side pockets and central stripe.

15. The formula: Red + Light blue.

Asymmetric top in red with wide ruffle around neckline, by Marú Atelier.

16. Victoria Beckham in 4 perfect ‘colorful combinations’

The formula: Coral + Klein Blue.

The ‘look’: The electric blue is no longer combined with clearer and “fragile” shades that do not detract from the protagonist to talk about “you to you” with other colors as vibrant as in this case, coral . The color block is again the most risky and inspiring trend of the season, ready to give character to the spring days and that triumphs with really impressive outfits. Again, Victoria Beckham gives us a successful equation consisting of a coral color knit sweater, combined perfectly with a pair of wide-legged blue klein trousers. Finally, in order not to distract attention from the previous combination, in addition to her look some nude sandals signed by Manolo Blahnik. Otherwise, the rest of the composition belongs to the Victoria Beckham Collection line.

17. The formula: Coral + Klein Blue.

Coral jersey in ramie and viscose blend, straight cut design with wide volume, long sleeve, dropped shoulder and detail of ruffles, by Bimba and Lola.

18. The formula: Coral + Klein Blue.

Fluid trousers in blue klein with front detail crossed with strips and metallic rings, as well as side zipper, by  Zara.

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