In addition to trust, loyalty and respect, experts believe that there is an ingredient that can not be missing in a successful relationship: the sense of humor.

James Preece, also known as the Dating Guru, says that the essential feature of a strong and committed relationship is sharing a great sense of humor.

The couples who laugh together have greater happiness and well-being and for this reason, they reinforce the bond and complicity between them.

According to Preece, when both partners have a sense of humor lined up, they can see the fun side of most situations and be more relaxed, accepting the things that life brings. “Any discussion can be minimezed and you will appreciate each other much more,” says the expert. Preece says that “affiliative” humor creates a connection between people, allows sharing stories and anecdotes that strengthen the bond.

“When you can laugh at things together, then naturally you will connect more  and your relationship will be stronger ,” Preece said in remarks picked up by Elite Daily.

In addition, demonstrating humor is indicative of superior intelligence, which is a most attractive feature.

In fact, Preece is not the only expert who believes that humor is essential in the couple.

EHarmony CEO, Grant Langston, says that sense of humor is the most valued feature among those looking for a new partner.

In fact, the ability to laugh together is so valuable because it can also serve to relieve embarrassing situations from the beginning of a relationship, turning moments “to forget” in anecdotes that reinforce the complicity between the couple.

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