We tell you the kindness of the bra that is no longer just a garment of underwear. There are already many who have pointed to this trend, are you one of them?

Who would know a few years ago that today you were going to use the bra as a garment more in your daily look? Although you never would have thought it, its like that. Today we can wear the bra as a complement to our outfit. Now not only has to combine the shirt with the shoes, or the pants with the jacket … Now a garment is added: the bra. From the signature Black Limba lingerie they tell us how  bra has become the protagonist of many outfits.

This new fashion of the bras without rim and without filling has come to light due to its great impact among the young girls. These bras made with lace fabrics and different patterns, allow to be used as a complement to your wardrobe. The drawer you once had filled with indifferent and even worn bras, has become a drawer full of colors, laces and ideas to match your daily clothing.

The bras, a mix between the crop top and the bra, triumphs from the day Kendall Jenner decided to release it. This 21-year-old has managed to get a whole generation to wear this new garment. The little Kardashian, has taught us to wear it both in winter and summer. This complement is a must have this year to perfect your looks to 100%. You may think that to wear a bra is necessary to have a big breast, but it is not. In fact, the large number of celebrities wearing this type of bras, do not have a great front. Their lace, shapes and designs make them feel good to any type of woman and body.

With this garment you will not have to be aware of hiding the bra under the sleeve of your shirt, or that it is not transparent through your shirt. What’s more, now everyone thinks that if you’re teaching your underwear it’s because you want to and not because you’ve gotten past wearing a flesh-colored bra rather than a black one.

This garment helps us to give sensuality to our look with elegance and subtlety, something that sometimes we neglect. This piece has a cheeky and roguish point that every woman we love. A lingerie garment that brings a lot of style and allows you to create innovative looks, do you dare with it?

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