Breakfast is of vital importance in our quality of life because it greatly influences the energy we will have the rest of the day.

It Works like that because our body requires those nutrients that we must incorporate every day after the nocturnal fast that we perform in sleep to start the normal functioning of metabolism and avoid the effects of a prolonged restriction that inevitably results in hunger, fatigue, stress and of course, Greater anxiety.

A balanced and healthy breakfast that assures us a good performance of activities, concentration and memory, should include all the nutrients, these are: carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, and fats.

We tell you what these foods are so you can start incorporating them into your mornings:

Fruits. With peel, juice or fruit salad. Because they contain minerals and vitamins essential for health, in addition to providing us with liquid.

Cereals, muesli or granola, always integral. They contain fibers that help to absorb glucose and metabolize cholesterol. An important source of vitamins, they improve constipation and confer satiation.

The bread, infaltable in a good breakfast. As much as possible whole grains. It contributes carbohydrates to our food. Can be included as toast or sandwich.

Milk or yogurt and small potion of cheese, always skim. Ideal for the daily supply of calcium to our body and the care of the bones.

Nuts, nuts, almonds, chestnuts and hazelnuts contain a high number of nutrients and fibers, as well as being natural antioxidants. A handful every day is very beneficial.

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