The look of the day

Femininity is not at odds with the idea of marking the feminine silhouette. If not, let her tell Victoria Beckham.

Its particular recipe of the new cool has the tendency off  oversize (that chases us) elevated to the maximum exponent and the masculine touch by flag. Will the designer ask for the clothes borrowed from David Beckham? We make our proposal inspired by the look of New York to which you only have to add some size more than your usual.

 Tab the basics of the designer and dare to wear our proposals

                                                     The jacket

Blazer roza


Pink has been our plan B for the beige of Victoria Beckham’s jacket. It has the same softness and is also very fashionable. The key is the size: let the shoulders of the garment exceed your own without fear, it is the effect we seek! You have it in Zara.

                                            The pants palazzo


It is the key piece of today’s look. Do not skimp on sizes and leave your legs in total freedom under this Zara palazzo pants. One, two more sizes? It’s Victoria’s trick and now, yours too.

                                      THE TRANSPARENT SHIRT


Show your sexiest side with a transparent shirt. The designer wears a classic, with a collar and buttons. We encourage you to join the fashion of the fliers with this one of L’agence.

                                                       THE SHOES


If the pants are too long to wear a size larger than yours, the heel has the solution. These boots of Alaïa like those of Vicky give the feminine touch to the outfit in addition to stylize the maximum to the figure and to solve the problem of the centimeters of more of our trousers.


Victoria Beckham

The accessory of Victoria Beckham has no limit. It looks good with practically all the looks of the designer. Once again, you have chosen to keep the handle of your bag and use it as a wallet. Do it yourself too!

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