Many girls have taken their inspiration from Sarah Jessica Parker’s eternal dressing room in Sex and the City. A dressing room that is one of the highlights of your apartment. Likewise, through the blogs of fashion bloggers, you have surely fallen in love with some dream wardrobe. Open dressing rooms are a trend because they adapt to the perfection of the closet bottom of youth bedrooms.

Benefits of open dressing rooms

If you are a fashion lover then you can turn the open bedroom into a value to transform your garments into a decorative value more than the room itself because, by the format of this type of furniture, the clothes are placed to the purest Style of a showcase in which, in a visual way, you can observe at a glance the garments separated by color or by type of garment. If you prefer, you can also combine the format of the open furniture with the closed, placing your shoes and bags in the open area of the furniture if you are a lover of accessories.

These dressing rooms are perfect also to make the most of small bedrooms. This type of furniture is perfect if you consider yourself an orderly person, ie if you like that everything is in place, otherwise, keep in mind that the disorder is multiplied by a thousand at the visual level since this type of furniture, Unlike a closed one, leaves no room for intimacy.

An open dressing room is also a perfect investment if you just become independent and have little budget to condition the space. But without losing style. This furniture requires a less investment for its simplicity. If you have the possibility, try to take advantage of a whole wall of the bedroom to create your dressing room with the use of shelves, drawers and modular furniture. An open dresser seen in the photo may look perfect, however, in practice keep in mind that you will have to dust much more frequently to accessories.

This type of furniture may not be your final choice, however, it fits perfectly in the style of a young person

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