Nor maxi nor mini: The ‘mullet’ dress will conquer this spring-summer

1. Shorter ahead and longer behind, so are the dresses and skirts that promise to become your new weapon of seduction this spring-summer.

The asymmetry is beautiful! At least this controversial court that conquered the runways during the spring season of the hand of firms like Giambattista Valli, Chanel or Balmain. A glove that has not taken long to collect numerous fashionistas eager for new silhouettes, cuts and trends that show their thousands of followers. And what does the mullet or tail hem dress basically consist of? For precisely in a model whose skirt is shorter in front and extends until lengthened in the back. The truth is that the difference between the two faces can be more or less exaggerated, going from a small wink to an entire tail conditions. Favorable, seductive … the ideal option if you do not know how long to stay and promises to make you the perfect guest on special occasions.

Do not lose sight of this gallery! So we saw it on the catwalk, so it is worn by girls and it is the sexiest shopping of the season.


During Haute Couture Week, Giambattista Valli surprised with a choice of cuts and textures masterful, in which the dresses had an ethereal presence and the mullet became the key piece. The most sophisticated and suggestive woman is dressed with asymmetrical models of short length and impossible folds in the front, in contrast with extensive layers that seem to be rocked by the wind in the back. A cloud of gauze stained with colors as vibrant as the red or covered with the floral print more spring and bucolic. Without a doubt, an exquisite bet whose wake leaves a mark.


The Italian firm was not the only one to bet on dresses that show the legs frontally and hide them behind. Chanel would do the same among seas of tulle and intricate appliques that gain more romanticism if it fits when appearing in a purely soft rose. In the case of Balmain, the proposal would be more extreme with a prominent opening under which hot pants appear. More bohemian and wild would be Roberto Cavalli, with mullet gauze dresses in which animal print and retro aesthetics become the real protagonists.


The it-girls have been quick to point to a trend of the most favorable, if we consider that, in case you are not very high, the fact of presenting a mini cut in the front will optically extend your legs much more If you opt for the classic maxi-dress. In this case, Aimee Song decided on a striped model with layer overlay on the skirt and bow at the waist, perfect for an infallible summer outfit.


In the case of Sara Escudero, the chosen one would be a mullet skirt of high waist with striped pattern and double line of fliers, which gives a dynamic aspect and much Latin flavor. The it-girl did not hesitate to combine it with a cropped top with details flown and tropical print. Both pieces of clothing were signed by Zimmermann. Undoubtedly, an impeccable and inspiring style when it comes to refreshing our look this spring-summer.


The model Jenny Lopez is left with her face more bohemian and extreme, being made with a mullet dress of extensive tail, crochet, belonging to the firm Water Bendita. When it comes to showing off, he does not hesitate to bet on another of the star trends of the season, superimposing it on a white cotton t-shirt. Finally, it completes its stylism with flat gladiator sandals in burgundy color. Better yet, impossible!


The outlaws arrive! Do you love the western trend? So do not lose sight of this look of Rachel Barnes because it can be your new object of inspiration. Rachel decides for a mullet skirt in blue with a maxi-ruffle on the bottom, and combines it with a pearl jersey. As accessories, bet on a leather belt with double buckle, suede boots with detail of tassels and a rigid metal clutch.

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