Do you feel disconnected from yourself, with stress and living at a pace that you can no longer handle? The practice of meditation can help to reverse that situation, to have more quality of life and to be happier. The specialists in this discipline tell what it is to meditate and how we can begin in this thousand-year practice increasingly chosen.

Disconnection with oneself

What can meditation do for us? When we meditate we are entering into ourselves. Today we are very focused outwards and everything that we live, think and feel is conditioned by the need for constant external stimuli. Thus we lose contact with us, since that constant external focus causes us to stop perceiving our internal state and lose control over our mental and emotional states.

It makes your life better

Meditation is a path between our environment and us. “When we meditate we eliminate the concept of separation,” says Master Curtin. “You realize your perspective on your environment, your relationship with your surroundings … is the meaning of” being present. ” We feel scared when we feel separated, when we do not know how to place ourselves in relation to our environment, “he explains.

“What you think puts your body in ‘nutrition, growth and repair mode’ or ‘escape, fight and protection’ depending on how you interpret your environment.”

Functional magnetic resonances of meditating people have shown how meditation literally ‘restructures’ our brain, creating new beneficial neuronal structures. Other studies have shown that meditation is more effective than anti-depressant medication.

It is that meditation, by creating that bridge ‘body – mind’, guarantees an improvement in both physical and mental health.

Meditation is literally an exercise that allows us to unite the three pillars of our existence: mind, body and, third, environment and its integration with it.

There are many types of meditation; With the body, ‘mental’ meditations, ‘energetic’ meditations, dynamic meditations with movement …

Here we give you simple steps to start meditation at home:

1. Start little by little. Five minutes well done are better than fifteen minutes badly made.

2. The moment you feel uncomfortable, stop and resume another time.

3. Start with meditations that connect you with your body, it is the greatest need we have.

4. Try to establish a routine so that meditation is part of your daily life. For example, every morning ten minutes in the car or bus ride to work.

5. Experiment with different types of meditation until you find the one you like and it varies so as not to get bored.

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