If the answer to this question was “dark circles,” you lack information. In this post we will tell you which areas of your face where you should apply corrector.

Areas of your face on which you should apply concealer

About skin blemishes

In this case, the areas of your face on which you must apply corrector, will depend on the state of your particular skin. Always remember the principle less is more, start applying little corrector and if it is not enough you can add more. It is preferable to add than to have to remove.

Nose sides

This is another area of your face where you should apply concealer. This area tends to become red which makes the blood vessels appear, and this does not give a very good appearance.


The area of the eyes is usually much darker than the rest of the skin. Sometimes it becomes a little violaceous and the base usually does not completely cover it. When you apply a little corrector in that area, you unify the color, and you get the correct base so that the shadow you place has the right color.

Eyebrows and Nose

Strangely enough, this is another area of your face where you should apply concealer. The corrector will be very useful to cover all those blackheads that subsist because you have not had time to do a skin cleansing. In an emergency, he will be your best ally.

Lower lip

A little concealer in the center of the lower lip will look great. This is a secret jealously guarded by the best makeup artists. That’s why the makeup of the mouth is bright and looks beautiful.

Corner of mouth

This is an area of the face that tends to turn red, to hide it, nothing better than to put a little corrector. This will unify the color and will make the eyes only go towards your mouth.

Where else should you place a concealer?

The areas of your face on which you must apply corrector are all those in which you consider that you must place it. Such as birth marks, scars, small defects, etc.

To place the concealer, you must first carefully observe your face with natural light and without makeup. That way you can realize that is what you should correct with corrector.

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