Not all of us have an oval and perfect face as we would like. Luckily, there is that great revolutionary invention called makeup. That among other things allows us to correct small imperfections that make us look even more beautiful.

In this post we will tell you some optical tricks. They will allow your round face to look much thinner and longer.

When is a face round?

A face is round because it lacks angles, that is the feature that defines it as such. To make the round face appear longer, it is essential that we provide angles. And to do so we will use our great ally “makeup”.

How to conceal a round face with makeup?

How to conceal a round face with makeup is not very complex, then we will tell you how to do it step by step.

First step

To create angles in your face the most important thing is to use illuminator. Creating dark clear when combined with the powder of sun will give you the angles you need. Sunspots also known as terracotta or tanning powders. These powders give your skin a tan effect come in brown, earthy, gold and pearly colors.

Where to place the illuminator:

The first place in which you must place illuminator is in the arch of the eyebrows, that will make them appear much higher, which will lengthen your face

Then place an illuminator on the temples and cheekbones, this will make your cheeks look less rounded

Put an illuminator touch on the tip of the chin that will optically lengthen your round face.

After applying the illuminator place the base, but try not to apply in those areas where you have placed the illuminator.

Second step

Then touch the sun dusts, to place them put your mouth as if you were pronouncing the letter “o”. In all the places where your face sinks, it is where you must apply these powders.

Do it from the upper jaw to the corner of the lips. Then apply the brush lightly under the jaw and at the temples, you should be very subtle in this application.

Third step

To give your skin a natural note of color, use sunspots in pinks. These tones are indispensable to give volume where your face needs it, and in this way create an illusion of angles.

Fourth step

To finish this makeup you need to highlight your eyebrows. For that uses a pencil of eyebrows, this must resemble the color of the same ones. To give the desired effect, you should subtly exaggerate the angle of your eyebrows.

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