The fragrances of fruity, citrus and floral aromas are an essential part of the sensual charm of summer, almost like a caress and aroma that awakens the senses.

And so, the perfume we choose will be talking about us, our style and image, will be part of our personality and also will arouse unique sensations.

Discovering the aroma that goes best with our way of being is important to highlight that detail that makes us unique.

And what better option than this hot season to find new and fresh aromas of summer fragrances that identify us and make us feel fresh all day. (Almost all brands usually take a season edition).

The women who prefer the natural, for them the fresh fragrances, citric and the wood aromas are ideal.

For the extroverted, sophisticated, elegant or cheerful the aromas that best adapt are the floral, the fresh aromas, the lavender, the citrus fruits and the species.

On the other hand, for the introverts and more serious ones, the oriental fragrances go very well.

Then there are the romantic scents for those women who have a more sensitive personality. Soft, warm and fruity aromas are recommended for them.

Following your own style, remember that fruity or floral aromas, such as jasmine, are more refreshing, so they are ideal for use on hot days or to use them on summer nights, an appointment or event, giving you A romantic touch at that time.

The citrus in turn, provoke that feeling of freshness and spontaneity that makes us perceive as if we had just showered, smelling very good.

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