It can be beautiful without using makeup, to be beautiful we need nothing more than our face. Women are beautiful by nature, and the less makeup we wear, the better we will see each other.

Make-up corrects this or that, but it is not always the best way to look good. Using a lot of makeup adds age, and also occupies your natural beauty.

If from now on you decide to be beautiful without using makeup, read on. Because in this post we will give you a few tips that will be very useful.

Mind that you clean your face

One of the first steps that you must take in this of being beautiful without using makeup is that your face is very clean. For this you must choose products that are gentle, and that do not remove cells to your skin. This will make your skin look dry and very rough.

Wash your face

Many people wash their faces when they shower, this is a common error. To be beautiful without using makeup you should wash your face in the morning and at night. With this washing you will remove all the impurities that are deposited in the skin of your face. And you will make your skin look very radiant and fresh. If you have acne, washing your face will allow the skin on your face to improve, and you will see that you will not need as many chemicals to treat it.

Shape of your eyebrows

Your eyebrows are an integral part of your face, to be beautiful without using makeup they must be very well cared for.

To have beautiful eyebrows they dont need to be super thin. Nice eyebrows with those that are very well delineated, but have hair, otherwise they do not look very good, and makes your eyes look strange.

Beautiful Lips and Eyelashes

To have beautiful and eye-catching eyelashes you do not need to put mascara on your eyelashes. To be beautiful without using makeup you can replace this makeup with Vaseline, in another post we tell you how. May be liquid or paste Vaseline.

To apply it you take a brush in disuse mascara for eyelashes and you pass just a little, you can also do it with the tip of your index finger. Your eyelashes will be perfect, and strengthened by Vaseline.

You can also apply vaseline on the lips, these will look great. If you put a little paste of Vaseline in a small container, then add some shade in paste or powder, or a small piece of lipstick, you will have a magnificent shine translucent with color.

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