1. To go to the office, for an informal appointment, a casual style and, of course, for partying, the platforms no longer have aesthetic limits! Jessica Alba will show you that if you want, you can wear them anytime.

Each time the spring season appears, it does so with a pair of sandals under the arm that we will wear without stopping along this and the next season. Well, depending on who we ask the dressing room queen varies, pleading from one to another model, but in the case that Jessica Alba is your answer, we have more than clear: This season you must have some platform sandals.

The truth is that the actress has not been the only one to make these prominent pairs their off-road fetish, since during the last weeks of fashion, beyond hybrid shoes, mules and new spring proposals, the seventies sandals were back to do Act of presence to sublimate casual stylings, summer dresses or night looks really hypnotic.

Sexy, attractive and more comfortable than a salon-cut shoe that has the same height – thanks to the platform that raises the front -, you know all the game you can get this year? Take note, because Jessica Alba has an outfit for every day of the week!


Jessica Alba is a confessed adept at platform sandals – she knows that she lengthens her legs and styles them extremely well – treasuring pairs of silhouettes and firms as different as Nicholas Kirkwood, Giuseppe Zanotti or Charlotte Olympia. Jessica Alba is a confessed addict of platform sandals – she knows that they lengthens her legs and styles them extremely well – treasuring pairs of silhouettes and firms as different as Nicholas Kirkwood, Giuseppe Zanotti or Charlotte Olympia. When it comes to combining it you have it more than clear: if you have a shoe that are inspired with 70’s, why not join it to garments that pay tribute aesthetically to the same decade? So we were able to see her recently with a pair of lightly flared jeans, along with Tory Burch’s high collar and stripe print top. She secured the set under a blue trench coat that she wore by placing it only on the shoulders. As accessories, she decided for a color-block bag, also by Tory Burch, a tote in red, and a most favorable bowls XXL.


Is it possible to wear a slip dress in broad daylight and get away with it? Of course yes! To show this outfit by Jessica Alba, in which she manages to make a piece with a night vocation, her best ally in broad daylight. The interpreter wears a night-blue lingerie inspired model with midi length and opening at the center front by Kimora Lee Simons. When it comes to sobriety, choose to combine it with a bomber jacket -characterized by its sporty appearance- embellished with multiple body appliqués and sleeves, by Tanya Taylor. Finally, the choice of accessories passes through black leather sandals, by Giuseppe Zanotti, and a metallic handbag.


In addition to her passion for platform sandals, if there is anything more that stands out in Jessica Alba’s outfit is her colorful vocation. She does not fear to show vibrant tones or energetic colors, as she demonstrated with this outfit we have already included in our list of fetishes. On this occasion, the look would be composed of low-cut denim pants with a frayed effect signed by DL1961, which combined with a cropped top in orange, Halston Heritage. As for the accessories, she decided for big round earings,oversized eyeglasses, Tory Burch’s color-block bag, and prominent cut-out stone sandals on the instep, by Nicholas Kirkwood .


Not even the clothes with diplomatic lines manage to resist the suggestive, comfortable and cool touch of platform sandals. When attending an event during New York Fashion Week, Jessica Alba chose to wear a cross-over, waist-laced bodice, V-neck with lapels and striped print that reinterpreted the classic men’s suit. To complete her styling, she climbed into a golden vertigo sandals and combined them with a mini-bag also metallized. Can you ask for more?


So simple and at the same time so shocking. If there is a color that dazzles very much in the summer days – take notes because will tell you right away  -, that is undoubtedly the pink, especially in fuchsia decline. In fact, a simple midi dress, without any beadwork and artifices , falling on the ankles and fitted with a V-neck can become the most sexy, attractive and desirable of the season. This model, specifically, was signed by the designer Narciso Rodriguez, and she did not hesitate to conjugate it with silver platform sandals, Giuseppe Zanotti.


A shopping Saturday? A casual date? Jessica Alba has the perfect styling and, of course, irreversibly includes platform sandals, yes, in this case a much more summer version with heel effect wood – you will also find them in esparto and cork. This time we were able to see her with a high-cut cropped jeans, with a flowing shirt in a nude color . As accessories, versatile camel sandals that lengthen your legs to exhaustion, a bag shopper in marine color and glasses with a clear retro-looking frame. Perfect and simple!


There is no spring-summer in which we do not pay tribute to the bohemian style or to a new interpretation of folk aesthetics, especially in the form of beach caftans, summer robes and dresses like the one seen by the actress in this image. Of course, when it comes to completing her refreshing outfit, the actress does not hesitate to include a prominent platform two-tone sandals and cut-out effect on the instep. Will you wear a look like this in the coming months?

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