Take note of all the properties that this exotic fruit has

Did you know that papaya can be a great ally of our skin? To help you know your benefits, at  we wanted to summarize the four benefits of this exotic fruit. Many speak of its miraculous antioxidant power, but the truth is that it has multiple properties, besides being a natural ingredient present in many cosmetics to give an extra hydration to our skin, as recognized by the Swiss cosmetic company Wherteimar. Take note!

1. Its contribution in papain and vitamin A helps eliminate dead skin cells as well as break down those inactive proteins. Being low in sodium, it is perfect also to retain little water and thus favor hydration.

2.  Contains more carotenoids than other fruits like apple or cherimoya, important for maintaining the tan and even activate it once the first rays of sunlight emerge.

3. Applied on the face, it fights diseases like pimples or acne, contributing a greater brightness and luminosity to the skin. Also perfect for cracked heels.

4. It serves as a natural exfoliant as well as anti-aging cream for the face.

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